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Which hotels does my hotelbreak gift card give access to?

Gift cards give access to the vast majority of experiences on, but not all of them.

The experiences you can book with your gift card correspond to those you can pay for with the hotelbreak wallet. To see all available experiences, use the “Wallet Friendly” filter on

In addition, hotels that have agreed to be part of hotelbreak gift cards are marked for gifting, next to the booking calendar.

I can't find my card experience on

The experiences available for gift cards vary throughout the year. For example, if you purchase a gift card for a day pass in late summer, you will not find that day pass on our site in winter, as the pools are closed. Similarly, the hotel may decide to offer different services each year. To ensure you can enjoy your gift throughout the year of validity, you will be able to use hotelbreak gift cards for ANY Wallet Friendly experience active at the time of your reservation. If your gift cars show an experience on it, this experience is NOT binding.

We are working to ensure that all hotels accept payment with hotelbreak credit, but some do not and may decide to stop allowing it at all times.

Updated on: 01/07/2024

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